Being Busy!

Our nursery children continue to have fun in Little Streams with the toys and equipment we have. We have been caring for the babies, cooking dinner and taking care of the farm animals. This is a great way for the children to work together and take turns.


One thought on “Being Busy!

  1. Sara Webb

    I’m blown away!!
    First of all I want to congratulate all that contribute to the nurture house, staff and pupils alike. What a fantastic idea! Working in a secondary school and being a staff governor I can not commend this idea enough. If all pupils got this start in their academic life then they would enter secondry school with the values and experiences all young people need and should have in life. By teaching basic things at the start it enables them to grow into young responsible adults thus giving them a great start in life, a community that would value them and they in return.
    WELL DONE to all at Rivers Academy!
    Kind Regards
    Sara Webb a well impressed community member!


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